#12HoursOfPositivity: How a Twitter challenge kept me sane when my anxiety tried to take over


Two weeks ago, when going through a difficult couple of days that were filled with anxiety triggers, I decided to try and give myself some positive energy and strength by tweeting something positive each hour of the day. And so I started the hashtag #12HoursOfPositivity. For twelve hours long, I tweeted something positive or happy.

I promised myself not to try to twist a negative situation into something positive because I don’t want to suppress any feelings, but instead, I’d tweet about any positive feeling or thought I had. And I’d actually recommend everyone to try at least once since the outcome was so good for me!

#12HoursOfPositivity: Tweet 01

#12HoursOfPositivity: Tweet 02

Having to tweet something positive each hour was a nice little distraction from everything else that was going on and always made me shift my focus to something positive. And that gave me a lot of strength and confidence in myself.

Gaining confidence and happiness

Like one time I was getting stressed because people were being ignorant. But then, my #12HoursOfPositivity alarm went off. And I had to think of something positive to tweet. And I thought of how far I had become and how strong I was compared to a year or two ago, which instantly made me feel better about myself and gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and my happiness.

#12HoursOfPositivity: Tweet 03

#12HoursOfPositivity: Tweet 04

#12HoursOfPositivity: Tweet 05

It made me see that even if I’m in a situation where life is complete crap, all the good things in my life aren’t undone. All the good memories are still there, the happiness, the passions, the small and big victories, and all the wonderful people. It’s all still there, even when my anxiety kicks in, or when I end up in a scary situation. And knowing that gives me a lot of strength and positivity.

Try the #12HoursOfPositivity challenge

I’d like to challenge everyone to try the #12HoursOfPositivity challenge. Each hour, tweet something positive. It doesn’t take much time, and can even be done during a coffee or toilet break. It’s a really powerful mood booster. And if you try, feel free to tag me in it, I would love to read what you’re all happy about.

#12HoursOfPositivity with @lavenderlifeco

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  1. This is a good idea. I think positive thoughts can help with anxiety. I like to write positive quotes and stick them up on the wall. It helps me when I get stressed out and over anxious. Thanks for sharing. Social media can help us when we are going through tough moments.

  2. I am sorry you’ve had a tough time with your anxiety but glad to see you’ve put a positive spin by doing your twitter challenge. I often struggle with mine, so I think i’ll give this a go, too. Help put it all in perspective!

  3. Well, that sounds really interesting! Some days i feel so down and unmotivated, this boost of positivity would be a good remedy. Thanks for sharing your experience Sarah and i hope you will not be in need of a second round of positivity challenge in your life.