5 things I love about working in tech

5 reasons I love working in tech

I just got back to work after my summer vacation, so this is a good time to write an article about my daytime job. I work in the tech industry as a full-stack developer, meaning I make websites and apps for a living. Working in tech, especially when you’re the only female developer in the company, can be hard at times but I wouldn’t want to have any other job. So I wrote down my five favourite things about being a developer.

#1 Solving problems

Coding can get challenging at times, which is probably my favourite part of it. To me, solving a difficult problem or simplifying a hard piece of code gives me a lot of satisfaction and can really make my day. I’ve always enjoyed solving math problems, and coding is actually pretty similar to that. Everything will progressively get harder, a bit like a video game. And thinking of coding as a game or a puzzle might not make the problems easier, but it makes solving them a lot more fun.

#2 Creativity

There’s a lot of creativity involved in coding. I play a big role in what the end product will look like, even when I’m just implementing someone’s design. It’s not just about making animations, page transitions, responsive websites or fancy menus. Writing good code also requires a lot of creativity: the way you solve certain problems, structure your code, name your files, fix bugs, etc.

#3 Changing the world

This feels like such a cliché answer. Everyone wants to change the world. I’m not curing cancer or reversing global warming, but I know that the work I do is making some impact on people’s lives. For example, a while ago I created Asthmatic, an app that uses the weather to predict a week in advance how bad your asthma will get. I have asthma myself and created the app, as a side project, because I realised that so many asthmatics could benefit from it. It’s my first app in the AppStore and I’m really proud of it.


Asthmatic app: code screenshot

#4 Freedom

Many people might have the idea that people working in tech have no social life, work long hours and are stuck at the office all night. While that’s true for some companies, many also offer a lot of freedom. The company I work for promotes working only 8 hours a day, and will give you time off for every hour you work longer than that. We’re also allowed to work from home on certain days if we want to, which is something most tech companies allow.

#5 The people

The people are both my favourite and least favourite aspect of the job. The company I work for puts great effort into keeping us happy, so we often have parties and trips together. And seriously, my colleagues are absolutely amazing. To me, they’re friends rather than just coworkers. We generally have a lot of fun at the job and there’s always someone around to help you if you need it. But unfortunately, there are also quite a bit of shitty people working in tech. The industry is very competitive at times, which can bring out the worst in people. I’ve had guys straight out telling me that I shouldn’t be coding because I’m a girl, for example. Those people are loud, but luckily in the minority. Many companies are hunting for female developers, so generally there’s enough choice to find a company with people you like.

Do you have a job? What is it and what do you enjoy most about it?

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  1. It sounds like you really love your job and as someone who isn’t working yet I hope that when I do have the opportunity to work in the sector I wish to that I love it as much =^.^=

  2. That’s great that you love your job! Sadly, I was in a job I absolutely adored and took a risk to move to a new city & pursue a dream job on paper but which quickly turned out to not be a right fit or me. At all. I’m working on growing my blog so I can truly be doing something I love, live the life I want & be my own boss but am also looking for something in the meantime that will keep me sane while I make that transition. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Lana | lifestylequeenbee.com

  3. Its always beneficial to point out the things you love about your job! I am in one I absolutely adore, and could make a list too! But it helps on days you feel like youre struggling with it!!

  4. I’m loving what I’m doing right now (which is blogging) and was always fortunate to land in the job that I really enjoyed doing. I can totally relate how you feel in doing a job you love.

  5. Awesome post!! It’s important to find happiness in whatever you do!! You’re truly an inspiration for the techies these days..ha ha ha..most of the people I know working in corporate field, are simply working just for the sake of money!! 🙂

    1. Oh no, that’s bad! There is a lot of money to be made in tech, which IS nice. But having fun and working in a friendly environment is a million times more important. It’s impossible to keep a job when you’re not happy. In the long run it will hurt your career and your health.

  6. Sounds like you have a great job and enjoy what you do. My job at the moment is staying at home and caring for two young boys. I previously worked as a manager in a grocery and retail store. My favorite part about working was meeting new people, finding out what they wanted to see on the store shelves, and then bringing in those products and making them happy.

  7. I’m in the process of getting my Masters in IT Management. The reason? #1 – Solving Problems. This field is certainly not boring!

  8. Even though I don’t work in technology I can totally see why you enjoy doing what you do. Using my creative talents and solving problems are some of my favorite things – and changing the world… well when you can improve the life of others I think that is excellent use of your talents! I did a little web designing many moons ago and have been interested in creating an app one day so thank you for sharing what you get out of it it was excellent. Also, Asthmatic sounds like a wonderful app! I have sports induced asthma and the vog here makes it act up – I think that app would be sooooo beneficial to have! I am glad that you are at a place where you are able to enjoy yourself and see the benefits in it (beyond a paycheck)

  9. I’m so happy you love your job! I’ve always admired full stack developers so much, especially female ones! You are truly an inspiration 🙂


  10. Whoohoo women in tech! 🙌I love my company’s focus on its employees and making sure we’re happy and that we’re developing software that’s really meaningful. I’ve heard horror stories about bias towards women in tech, so I’m glad I found a place that emphasizes inclusivity and employee well-being.

  11. It’s a great feeling to wake up every day and go to a job that you love. If you hate your job, it affects many areas of your life. It’s taken me a long time to get there but I’m now full-time writing and finally loving my job!

    Great and insightful post.

  12. I work for a full service digital agency and your post really spoke to me! We only have one female developer at the moment, there’s not enough in the industry. Keep doing what you love, that app you created sounds amazing too 🙂

  13. See when I first began working in tech I thought I’d have no room for creativity at all, but boy was I wrong! IT wasn’t for me in the end, but I’m moving on to digital marketing which is still in the tech realm 🙂

  14. Great post, it’s always nice to see that, people like their job, since there’s not many of those who do!
    I think it’s great that you find positive aspects of what you do on every step of the way (or at least for most steps). And I have to add, like you, I also like the challenge of solving a problem XD

  15. It really sounds like you love your job. It sounds like my kind of job I’d like too. I wish I knew a bit more coding so that I could make the minor changes to my site that I want done.

  16. Im glad you love and enjoy your job. And for those shitty people.. arghh whatever your job is you’ll always find this kind of people :p Let them bark.. and stay fabulous girl!

  17. I love when people enjoy their jobs! You always hear so many people who hate going to work, and I have no clue how these people function. You have fantastic reasons to love your job, and I can completely get why.