Anxiety update: I’m silencing the worst-case scenarios

Anxiety update: I'm silencing the worst-case scenarios

I’ve struggled with negative thoughts and anxiety for a long time. It has always been there, as a dark cloud following me around and causing fear. I’ve always explained my situation as “only seeing worst-case scenarios and fears, and forgetting about all the beauty and all the opportunity”.

I think it’s a good description of how my anxiety has dominated a big part of my life. It’s like I could only see what could go wrong, all the worst-case scenarios, and had forgotten about all that good go right along the way. But somehow, I’m changing, I’m improving. I’m starting to see more opportunity around me, more positivity, more beauty.

I think that means that therapy is working. I really am becoming more aware of all the good things around me. Even though it’s dark outside and the season is depressing, I’m feeling happy. And I feel confident in myself, which is a feeling I haven’t experienced much before. I’m confident that things will go right, that I will overcome all of this and that I will be able to accomplish my dreams.

Anxiety Quote Anxiety Quote

When I was 16, I fell in love with Norway and promised myself I’d move here some day. And here I am, living in Norway for more than two years now. I achieved one of my life goals. I fulfilled one of my dreams. Honestly, I never realized how big of a deal that is, until now. But thinking of it makes me feel proud and happy, and hopeful.

If I managed to achieve one big goal, in a period where I was feeling particularly bad, then I’ll definitely be able to fulfill my other dreams as well.

And I’m looking around me, and the worst-case scenarios have turned silent. They’re still here, I’m still thinking of all the things that could go wrong, but they’re no longer scaring me. I’m no longer afraid to try and achieve my dreams. I see opportunities now, and positivity, and beauty, and best-case scenarios.

I can see what scares me, but I also see that those worst-case scenarios are just potential outcomes that I overthink because of my anxiety. In reality, there are many more best-case scenarios that are just as likely, or even more likely, to happen. I can make my dreams come true if I believe in them and fight for them.

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I’ll never be able to experience the good dreams if I’m too afraid of my nightmares to close my eyes. I can choose to stay awake, feeling tired and worn out, because I don’t want to risk ending up in a nightmare, or I choose to relax and experience the most beautiful dreams.

Anxiety made me only see the nightmares and filtered out all the nice dreams. I forgot it was possible for things to go right, I didn’t realize it. I didn’t believe in it. And I was convinced I would have to live my life failing and being afraid and anxious.

But right now I can see so much more positivity and opportunity and beauty, and I remember what life can be like. And that gives me hope and strength to continue. I can see so much more now. I’m no longer afraid of trying to achieve my dreams.

I think I’m doing better now.

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  1. I’ve always explained my situation as “only seeing worst-case scenarios and fears, and forgetting about all the beauty and all the opportunity”.

    Girl, same! Especially since all of my anxiety is surrounding travel. I have a chronic illness and I hate the thought of being sick somewhere I’m not familiar with! Good on you for achieving your goals – a huge one at that. Keep your faith and believe in yourself! I know it’s easier said than done, but if you can MOVE TO NORWAY? You got it, girl.

  2. My daughter has Aspergers syndrome and other facets that go with this, sh suffers quite badly with her mental health and she has some really dark days, ut funnily enough, i took her to Norway this summer and she loved it, she said her head was alot quieter and felt really relaxed out there….perhaps it is the Norweigian air?

    Glad to hear you are well 🙂

    Great post and thank you for sharing:)

    Takk ( the only word i know apart from oust ( cheese?)

  3. I think my anxiety usually shows up when I mess up something. It’s the worst then. And of course, when I am planning things. Then I start to think, and I don’t have the brightest state of mind. But, when I just get things done everything is simple. So this the way I fight with my anxiety – don’t think. And yes, recently I fell in love with Autumn, I wasn’t a big fan before, but now, I just try to enjoy life and simple live.

  4. It’s great to hear that you feel you’re doing better! Anxiety is such a horrible thing to have to deal with but the best thing you can do is to try have a positive outlook on things and hopefully everything will seem much brighter 🙂

  5. I also frequently go through the bed and the worst scenarios of things, but I only take it as a warning to know what to avoid and how to prepare so it doesn’t happen. And then I’m happy for what happens in a good way and appreciate it.
    I’m glad you’re getting to do the same, hun. You’re on the right path xx