Autumn Round-up: The Absolute Best And Worst Of This Autumn

Autumn Roundup: The absolute best and worst of this autumn

Autumn has clearly come to an end in Oslo. The temperatures have dropped below zero, and snow has covered the rooftops in the city. In other words, time to reflect on the past few months and write up my favorites, goals, best and worst memories of this autumn. A bit early for an autumn round-up? Maybe. But in my eyes, winter started last week when the first snow came, so waiting any longer would just feel weird.

Best Of Autumn In Oslo

We had an extremely long summer, and then winter started early. So to me, it feels as if we only had one month of autumn. But I’m not complaining about that. While I do love all the colors that come with this season, I hate the dark days. It’s dark during winter as well, but at least the snow makes everything look a bit brighter and happier. So in a way, the fact that winter came early is one of my favorite things about autumn this year.

Other than that, I loved being outside in Oslo the past month or two. It was cold, but beautiful out there and I spent a lot of my weekends in parks.

Botanical gardens

I also looked after the cats of one of my friends. I can’t have any pets myself (my landlord doesn’t allow it). So spending time at their place playing with the cats was just lovely. On top of that, their apartment was right next to the Botanical Gardens, so every day after hanging out with the cats, I went for a small walk through the park. So beautiful!

Worst Of Autumn In Oslo

I already touched upon this, but definitely the darkness. From October on, it gets dark so fast here, and turning the clock back one hour made it even go faster. We’re reaching a point where I only see the sun while I’m inside at work if there aren’t too many clouds at least. It can be an extremely depressing period, and extra self-care measures are definitely needed in order to stay happy.


Autumn Favorites

essential oil diffuserblankets

I mentioned these products in my post about making cold days more enjoyable as well, but I’m repeating them again here. Living in Norway, autumn and winter are two very cold and dark seasons, so I love anything that can make my apartment cozier. I have several sets of throw blankets* I use on the couch, ranging from plain white ones to widely decorated ones. And my favorite way to destress after a hard day at work is by putting some relaxing essential oils in my diffuser*.

Autumn favorites: KindleAutumn favorites: The Leftovers

I finally gave in and bought a Kindle* in October, and I’ve been reading like crazy ever since. A lot of the books I’m reading are programming and math related, but my favorite fiction book was definitely The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta*. I started reading it a very long time ago, after seeing the tv series, but never found the time to finish it until last month.

The book is about what happens after 2% of the world population disappears. They’re not really going into why or how those people disappeared, but focus on how the world continues afterwards. Many people join cults, others have crazy drinking or sex parties and others struggle to pick up their life again or love again after losing their husband or children. If you’re not much into reading, I would at least advise to check out The Leftovers on HBO. It’s seriously one of the best tv shows of the past few years, together with Fargo.

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Autumn Blogging Goals

I’m so proud to say that I achieved all my blogging goals the past few months! In fact, I even reached my Christmas goal already when it came to Twitter followers. So I’m definitely satisfied with that, hopefully, I can keep it up the next few months.

  • Pinterest followers | Goal: 300 | Actual: 350 | Winter goal: 500
  • Twitter followers | Goal: 400 | Actual: 520 | Winter goal: 750
  • Blog subscribers | Goal: 50 | Actual: 58 | Winter goal: 75
  • I blogged twice a week (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) throughout September and October.
  • I started Mental Health Mondays, a guest post series I’ve been wanting to do for a while.
  • I finally came up with a blogging plan.
  • I went outside and took pictures to use on my blog the past few months.


* This post contains affiliate links, but everything I wrote in this post is my own and honest opinion.

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  1. I enjoyed this post! Autumn is my favourite season. Really want to visit Oslo! A friend now lives in Norway 🙂 well on completing your blogging goals and love the tv recommendations

  2. This is such a cool post, I had no idea that you lived in Oslo. I have been living in Oslo all of my life, and I am born in North Norway. I hope you enjoy my home city 🙂 The book sound really interesting and I might have to check it out! I haven’t yet bought a kindle, I am so behind haha.

    Celia x

  3. Beautiful photography. Looks like you had a jam packed Autumn. It’s my favourite season, the colours of nature are just amazing and they really show in your pictures. A really good idea for a blog post too, I’d like to set myself blogging targets but I’d fear I wouldn’t meet them.

  4. I live in Shetland, just slightly north of Oslo in latitude so I know exactly how dark and depressing these winter months can get. I am loving your suggestions for helping to cope! I’m going to unpack our Christmas fairy lights today to try and brighten things up a bit.

  5. this is such a wonderful post, i really should have blogging goals but at the moment i’m keeping it casual to make sure i continue to have fun with it. so glad to see you surpassed your goals 🙂

  6. If you don’t need these cozy throw blankets anymore , will you give me a shout ?! 🙂 I can see them on my sofa fitting perfectly in , a hot chocolate , a lovely sense in the diffuser … and autumn is good ! Lovely post !

  7. I love this post. I too hate that it gets dark so early now. It must be hard only seeing the sun at work! 🙁
    Also, I love that diffuser! Well done you on reaching your goals!

  8. Beautiful photos! I totally agree with you about autumn, I’m really struggling with the cold dark days too :/ You did super well with your goals, though, so well done on those! 😀

  9. I hear ya, the darkness of winter can be really depressing and it’s important to look after yourself,- emotionally and physically. I suggest fabulous comfort food, a cuppa of hot chocolate and a warm blanket for all ills 🙂 Also, congrats on reaching your goals!
    Katja xxx