30 things bisexual girls are tired of dealing with

30 things bisexual girls are tired of dealing with

Being bisexual and open about it has been a weird ride so far. Generally, people are very supportive and understanding. But I’ve also faced a lot of criticism, misconceptions, and hate, coming from both straight people and the LGBTQ+ community. These are the 30 most annoying things with regards to my sexuality I have to deal with on a regular basis.

  1. Being told our sexuality doesn’t exist
  2. Lesbian girls condoning the fact that we’re into guys
  3. Straight guys being twice as jealous
  4. But also straight guys expecting threesomes
  5. And straight guys calling us sluts
  6. Being asked when we’ll go lesbian
  7. Being called transphobic for being bisexual
  8. Being called heterosexual when dating a guy
  9. Not feeling welcome in gay bars
  10. Not feeling welcome around straight people either
  11. Experiencing verbal abuse and discrimination for not being straight
  12. Experiencing verbal abuse and discrimination for not being gay
  13. Everyone expecting us to explain what it means to be bisexual
  14. People asking which gender we prefer most
  15. And being told we’re not bisexual if we haven’t had a same-sex relationship
  16. People thinking the only thing we do is have sex
  17. Being asked if we’ve had a lot of threesomes
  18. People thinking we will cheat on our partners
  19. Girls being scared we’re hitting on them when we’re just trying to friendly
  20. And girls thinking we’re just being friendly when we’re actually hitting on them
  21. Being called an attention whore when making out with a girl
  22. Straight guys over-sexualising us
  23. People thinking we require to be with girls and guys at the same time
  24. Being told it’s just a phase
  25. Being told we’re just confused
  26. Straight guys getting offended when you turn them down for a girl
  27. Our relationships being considered as ‘less serious’ by others
  28. Straight people trying to explain our sexuality to us
  29. Being called half-lesbian, half-straight
  30. All the other homophobic bullshit everyone else in the community has to deal with

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  1. People just need to get on with life, stop judging people for their choices.
    Simply appreciate people for the things they do, not who they do or what beliefs they have.


  2. I am married now but before I was married, I was in a relationship with a girl. I actually left her for him and she has never let me hear the end of it. I think women are beautiful, I am attracted to them. I absolutely HATE that men think bc I like women and men that I am a whore. I will screw anybody and I am all about having threesomes. That is so not me. I’m still not particularly sure if I’m considered bi-sexual (in my mind – my views on the situation are messed up) But this article is awesome. I hate how others stereotype girls that identify as bi.