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Last month I wrote about my experience with mood tracking apps. I noticed that keeping track of my emotions and thoughts did help me manage my anxiety better, but the apps just weren’t the right medium. So after I wrote that post, I decided to make my own mood tracking system. I made a printable to use on a daily basis. It’s very easy and quick to fill in, and it forces you to think about your experiences and also has room to practice gratitude. You can download it for free and start using it as well, by signing up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar.

How to use this printable?

You use one page per week, and each day you will write down something positive and something negative about that day. It doesn’t matter what you write or how much you write, and I like that freedom. Some days I just write a couple of words without much detail (“Relaxing in the sun, enjoyed working on my blog, dinner was awesome”), where other days I write down a very detailed story.

If you like things a bit more structured, you can write one sentence about something you enjoyed that day and another sentence about something you didn’t like. Try to include both what you were feeling (“I felt sad…”) and what made you feel that way (“…because my cat died”).

Freebie: Printable Mood Journal

I save the right column for Sundays. Then I reflect on my week and write down three things I’m grateful for that week (I love that section!), a positive and a negative memory, and some general thoughts. Thinking about something negative a couple of days after it happened usually helps me to put things in perspective.

I’m so glad I made this printable, cause it’s helping me a lot to manage my anxiety. Writing down my feelings has always helped me controlling them a bit better, and this form is helping me to create a daily mental health routine. Want to give it a try as well? Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post to receive the download link of this printable.

Freebie: Printable Mood Journal

Freebie: Printable Mood Journal

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  1. As you know I’m doing the 30 days gratitude challenge so this planner is right up my street. I don’t suffer from anxiety but I know it’s a helpful sheet to have and to fill it weekly, thank you so much for sharing, saving and printing as we speak x

    1. Good luck with the gratitude challenge! I loved it a lot, which is why I added it to the sheet as well. Makes you more aware of all the good things happening around you.

  2. great idea using little print outs, i personally use a journal or type how a certain situation made me felt in my phone after it happens then transfer it to my journal when i get home 🙂 thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I’m doing that as well if something significantly good or bad happened while I’m not at home. I feel that when I’m in a shitty situation, writing about it will help me calm down and see things from a new perspectie.