My favorite hangover self-care activities

The end of the year is getting closer, which means I’ve been attending Christmas parties, dinners with clients and family gatherings non-stop for the past two weeks. Needless to say, that much alcohol consumption in such a short period of time made me wake up with a beautiful hangover this morning. So I decided it’s time to share my favorite things to do when feeling hungover.

Watching Netflix

I need to keep saying this to myself, but it’s ok to do nothing sometimes. With a hangover, I try to set off enough ‘brainless’ time, where I can just nap or watch Netflix to recharge my batteries.

Playing video games

One of my favorite hungover activities must be playing video games. It doesn’t require much energy or focus in order to do it, and it’s incredibly fun! Collecting shells in Animal Crossing, taking care of a Stardew Valley farm, or collecting Pokémon are all easy games that you can play from the sofa while being half asleep.

Fun Hangover Activities: Play Stardew Valley

Reading a book

I’ve been reading much more since I bought myself a Kindle. When I have a hangover, I prefer any activity that doesn’t require physical exercise. So staying in bed all day with a cup of tea and a book is just perfect for me.

Showering or taking a bath

Taking a bath is always great but can feel especially good when you have a hangover. It makes me feel less sick, and it’s also incredibly relaxing. I often light a candle first and put some nice essential oils in my diffuser, to help me relax a bit better.

Ordering food

I love eating, but when I’m hungover I rarely have the energy to cook. I live next to a pizza place, so take-out pizza has been the food of choice when I have a hangover. Although, lately I’ve been trying not to order take-out on such days and cook myself, that way I save some extra money (going out drinking is expensive in Norway) and I can make sure I eat something healthy to balance out all the alcohol from the night before.

My favorite items to enjoy when being hungover

Matcha Green TeaBecoming energized and healthy:
Matcha Green Tea
Knitted BlanketStaying warm and cozy:
Knit Throw Blanket
Scented CandleEnjoying a fresh smell:
Holy Night Scented Candles

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  1. After a night out, my favourite thing to do the day after is have a shower (I’d have a bath if I had one) so I feel fresh, and then just binge watch netflix. That said, I like to do that a lot any way!

  2. I rarely get drunk enough to have a hangover anymore (alcohol is one of my habits that i am attempting to cut down on) but when i am hungover there’s nothing better than all the things on this list. I have a shower then snuggle up on the couch, with a hot drink and order food whilst binge watching netflix. the best cute =^.^=

  3. I must admit that I’ve never been hungover. But, I would imagine you’d want to do as little as possible. When I drink I like to eat, ordering out (especially if it’s pizza) is likely the way I would go.