Mental Health Mondays: Our happiest memories

happiest memories

Around 25% of adults suffer from a mental illness. I want to raise awareness about this issue, and help people understand the different aspects of living with a mental disorder a bit better. That’s why I’m launching a series of guest posts called Mental Health Mondays, where I give other people the opportunity to share their experiences with mental disorders. This week is all about happiness, as several bloggers share their happiest memories.

Buying my own house

By Ashley from Ardent Views.

I have heard many times that buying things will never really make us happy. I have always agreed to this belief for a very long time until the day came, I bought a house I finally called my own. Although a house is still considered a thing that could still fade and change, it was not the pursuit of buying this thing that made me really happy but rather, it was the great pride of home ownership and the value I placed on it. This thing, buying my own home, is one of the happiest days of life. The feeling of achievement truly contributed a great satisfaction to my being. I valued this thing as an accomplishment which made me greater believed of my hard work and success.

Spending time with my cat Todd

By Liz from Janepedia.

my happiest memory: todd

I was 18-going-on-19 and a lover of cats: I’d begged Mimi, with whom I lived, to let me have a cat, promising I’d take care of him/her. I rode with my mom to a few towns over to pick up our cats—she’d be getting a calico, and I a dark gray tabby. “We’ll cut off his tail when we get home,” she noted on the way back to the farm. I shook my head no and firmly explained how he was perfect just the way he was: we’re all imperfect, in some way or another.

Todd, named after Tod from The Fox and the Hound, became my best friend. I laughed every time he would roll and fall off my pillow top mattress, and again when I found him clinging to the peach-colored Egyptian Cotton fitted sheet for his dear life. I’d pick him up each time and hold him close to me; he’d fall asleep in my lap.

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Dinner with my family

By Lotus from Mommy to Max.

As I sit here reflecting on my happiest moments in my life, my mind flashes to my life’s big events: receiving my first real job offer, graduating law school, passing the bar, getting married. In that instant, I was ecstatic. But the happiness was fleeting and after the event had passed, I moved on. So, then, what is happiness to me?

I think of those moments when my husband and I are eating at the dinner table with my son chattering happily by our side while my daughter coos and enthusiastically slaps her highchair table. And my son decides – for no reason in the world – to start up a little jig which makes my daughter fall into a fit of giggles. This, in turn, causes my son to throw his head back, his mouth wide from deep belly laughter.

Our dinner conversation is interrupted by their laughter – the very best way to interrupt any conversation – and my husband and I can’t help but join in on their silliness. Those are the moments that fill my life with joy. And the ones that I want to last forever.

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Becoming an auntie for the first time

By Elizabeth from Call Me Liz.

my happiest memory: becoming an auntie for the first time

Oscar Wilde once said “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us” and of course he is right, we never forget our memories even the bad ones, they are what shape our future and sometimes make us stronger as people. The good memories are the ones we treasure forever and one of my happiest memories in my 24 years has to be becoming an Auntie for the first time.

Being that there are seven years between me and my sister I always knew she was going to have a baby before me and I am glad because I have experienced what being a parent is like from the sidelines but being able to give them back at the end of the day! Some of the best memories from watching my niece grow up include celebrating her first Christmas and birthday, seeing her walk for the first time, say her first word and start school which is when it gets really emotional because you realize that five years has gone by so fast!

Those moments I treasure even more because I live an hour away from my sister and her family so when I travel home I like to have as many snuggles as I can, let her throw her toys everywhere and even though I have seen the film frozen countless times I still watch it. This year I get to recreate all them memories all over again because my second niece was born in August, now 7 weeks I can’t wait until they are both in their teens and I can take them shopping, give them advice and watch them achieve their dreams.

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My daughter made me feel alive for the first time in 15 years

By MacKenzie from MacKenzie Style.

my happiest memory: my daughter

October 17, 2015, was the day my life changed forever. It’s somewhat difficult to imagine my life before this day. Feelings of intense sadness and hopelessness consumed me, consumed my life for years up until this point. After my mother passed away I no longer knew happiness. I no longer knew what it felt like to smile on the inside. I guess you could say that physically I was going through the motions of life when in reality I had already checked out emotionally. That is of course until that day, that very special day.

She was born on October 17, 2015. She is my reason for life. Words cannot describe the joy I felt the first time I held her in my arms. I felt alive for the first time in 15 years. I never knew this type of happiness even existed. Who knew this tiny, 4-pound baby could create such euphoria. I couldn’t stop smiling that day and I still haven’t stopped today. Every day since has been a new experience filled with nonstop laughter and endless love. Not only was my spirit renewed that day, but my purpose for life became clear. She has become my motivation in all that I do and my greatest happiness in this life.

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Holding my little bunnies

By Enozia from Beauty Junction Online.

The happiest memory I can think of is the day when I first held my little bunnies! Just a few weeks old, they literally grew up with me, and I still remember each of their antics and craziness- from trying to toilet train them to making mini Indian bread for them for breakfast- all of it! I’ve been an animal lover as long as I can remember, and I dream of the day when I have a home full of rabbits and puppies! Bobby and Cookie are close to my heart, and quite literally, they came at just the right time in my life!

To all of those who think having a pet is a big responsibility, trust me on this one, it is worth every single moment of your life!

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Happy memories on Twitter

I also asked people on social media the same question: “What’s your happiest memory?”. This is a summary of all the answers I got. I absolutely loved reading all the happy memories, they definitely brought some positivity and happy thoughts into my day. Follow me on Twitter to join the conversation.

happiest memories social media

“First Dance under the chandeliers on my wedding day with my husband.”
By @cr1spyday from Crispy Views

happiest memories social media

“Watching the sunset with close friends.”
By @LittleRhiRhi_ from RhiannaElizabethBlog

happiest memories social media

“The first time my boyfriend and I got to see our baby girl on the ultrasound”
By @itsatashathingg from itsatashathing

happiest memories social media

“My happiest memory is achieving one of my life goals by moving to Norway a couple of years back. Makes me feel confident about the future.”
By @lavenderlifeco (that’s me!)

happiest memories social media

“This is so soppy… but meeting my fiance. We met ‘online’ by accident & it turned into the best thing to ever happen to me”
By @dorkfaceblog from Dorkface

happiest memories social media

“Seeing my son for the first time. His face made me so happy & I knew I was complete”
By @ofaglasgowgirl from The Life Of A Glasgow Girl

happiest memories social media

“My happiest memory is definitely the day I married my husband”
By @minimalistinnyc from Minimalist In Manhattan

happiest memories social media

“Having my son placed on me for the first time and every day I’ve spent with him in the 8 years since”
By @makeupwithjayxo from makeupwithjayxo

happiest memories social media

“Making pasta from fresh with my grandad in his kitchen when I was a kid. He’s passed away so it’s extra special now”
By @thehotstepperxo from ChronicEndeavors

What's your happiest memory?

What’s your happiest memory?

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  1. So many beautiful stories! We so much need inspiration and positiveness in our life! Thank you for sharing! (my happiest moments currently: working on my bed and having my 2 little kitties sleeping on my feet)

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 It’s so important to see the positive things in life, I figured it would be worth dedicating a blogpost to happy and positive memories.

  2. Buying a house has made me feel really settled and content, just going home after a long day in work and knowing I can be just me and relax. such a good feeling.

  3. Awww, this is a lovely post! I loved all the happy memories but the cat one really got me! I ADORE cats! My happiest moments are when my children were born and my kitty stories, too! Really enjoyed this post. xx