Lavender Lemonade Recipe

healthy, relaxing and refreshing lavender lemonade recipe

A few weeks ago, while visiting San Francisco, I had the chance to buy some delicious culinary lavender and rose buds from a local tea store. I absolutely love using anything with lavender in it, so I’ve been making tea with it on a daily basis after returning home. The tea is delicious, but so far, one of my favorite usages of the lavender actually is making lavender lemonade. It’s a healthy, refreshing and relaxing alternative to regular lemonade or sodas, and a perfect drink now that spring is coming.


1 tablespoon of culinary lavender
1 liter of water
1/2 lemon
Stevia (optional)
Culinary rosebuds (optional)


1. It’s fairly easy to make this lavender lemonade, and very similar to making regular tea.
2. Boil half of the water.
3. Add the lavender (it’s easiest if you put it inside a tea bag). If you want your drink to taste extra flowery, you can throw in some rosebuds as well.
4. Reduce the heat and let the tea soak for 2-5 minutes.
5. Remove the tea bag, and let the water cool down in the fridge for at least one hour.
6. When cooled down, add the juice of half a lemon (or more if you prefer a stronger lemon taste).
7. Optionally, you can add a little bit of stevia or sugar at this point.
8. Add the rest of the water. If you like sodas, you can add sparkling water instead.
9. Serve cold on top of ice


lavender lemonade

The benefits of lavender lemonade

One of the most known benefits of lavender is its relaxing effects, which is one of the reasons I love using it myself. It’s also rich in antioxidants, can treat headaches, improve sleep quality and reduce eczema and acne. And because lemon can work as a mood booster and rejuvenate the skin as well, the two of them are a perfect combination.

I’ve been drinking a lot of lavender lemonade lately, especially during and after yoga, and I’m loving it a lot. It’s the perfect way to relax after working out or coming home from work. And it has a nice lavender taste and smell, which combined with the lemon makes it taste very refreshing.

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  1. I use to hate lavender, the scent made me feel nauseous but all of a sudden my body changed and embraced it’s positive benefits. I’ve never had culinary lavender before. A good recipe x

  2. Oh this is going to make me sound really dumb but I really didn’t know you could eat\drink lavender! Then again saying that goodness knows how I thought my favourite Lavender tea is made!
    I’m seriously going to try this! It sounds so delicious. Do you think I could make the normal hot lavender tea this way?

    So sorry for sounding dumb haha

    1. Haha don’t worry about it! And sure, you could definitely make the hot lavender tea that way. I’m not sure how well lemon goes with hot drinks, so I would just drink it after step 4 while it’s still warm. Just make sure to buy culinary lavender (from a health or tea store), some lavender flowers are meant for decoration/scent only – you don’t want to drink those! 🙂

  3. Ive not heard of drinking lavender before, it sounds lovely though especially with the lemon. I use lavender scents to help me sleep so I’ll definitely give this a go.