#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: Mental Health Blogs You Should Be Reading

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: Mental Health Blogs You Should Read

I already brought up Mental Health Awareness Week in my previous post, about why it’s so important to keep the conversation going after this. I mentioned how important it is to create an environment where people can talk about their mental health, and how amplifying the voices of those with a mental illness can help reduce stigma. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do right now. I’ve been blogging a lot about mental health myself, but there are so many great bloggers out there sharing their journey with a mental illness, which I’d like to bring attention to in this post. Because by creating visibility, we create awareness and take another step towards ending the stigma around mental health.

Life With Anxiety And Depression” by Marc

I admire Marc’s openness about his mental health, so it was hard picking just one if his posts. I recommend you head over to his blog and check out all of his posts, especially the ones about mental health, cause they definitely deserve to be read. I picked this one in particular because it does a great job explaining what it is like to live with anxiety and depression. A lot of the things he mentions are very recognisable to me, for example being terribly afraid of doing wrong, or anxiety making me more sensitive to other ‘input’ such as noise, smells, or what my environment looks like.

More posts from Marc: Brilliantly Bipolar in 42 | Religion And Mental Health

All The Ways Anxiety Affects My Life” by Tara

I originally started following Tara because of her feminist content and period positivity, and reading her blog has actually motivated me to be more open and less ashamed about my period (and body in general) as well, which has been a great experience so far. A while ago she wrote about how anxiety affects her life, and it really hit home. Everything she mentions – the anxiety over getting onto the bus, needing a pep talk before making a phone call, suffering from imposter syndrome, etc – all could have been about me. If you don’t really know what anxiety feels like, or just want to read someone’s experience with it, I most certainly recommend giving this post a read.

More posts from Tara: Tips For Being Body Confident This Summer (guest post by Estella) | 5 Ways I’m Improving My Mental Health

How To Talk To Your Teachers About Your Mental Health” by Nicole

Nicole is doing such a kick-ass job at raising awareness, she has been blogging on a daily basis during Mental Health Month, and is even starting her own mental health magazine later this year. In this particular post she gives tips on how to talk to your teachers about your mental health, something which is incredibly important. It’s always good to let someone at school know about your mental health, and even more so if it affects your grades or ability to get to class.

More posts from Nicole: Mental Health: The Fact From The Fiction | Why It’s Okay To Self-Diagnose Yourself With A Mental Illness

Depression is like a tidal wave” by Lauren

If you read my blog, you’ll have noticed that I love using analogies to explain what anxiety feels like to me, so I naturally love this post as well. Depression can be real hard, and while it’s one of the more talked about mental illnesses, it’s still pretty hard for people to fully grasp what it is. And Lauren is doing a terrific job at explaining depression in this post, comparing it to a tidal wave. Another post worth reading if you want to learn more about what it is like to live with a mental illness.

More posts from Lauren: Where To Find Support For Mental Illness | 15 Things I Love About Myself

What Having A Mental Illness Feels Like” by Liam

Liam’s post is another great one for explaining what it feels like to have a mental illness, except he didn’t write it alone. For Mental Health Awareness Week, he asked people on social media to tell him what having a mental illness felt like to them, and he featured them all in this post. This is a beautiful collaboration and I loved reading all the different perspectives.

More posts from Liam: Social Media And Mental Health #MHAW17 | CBT: Fourteenth Session #MHAW17

Dealing With CPTSD” by Hannah

Hannah is another mental health advocate doing a great job at raising awareness. Besides writing about mental health, she’s also the creator of #TalkMH, which has weekly Twitter chats related to mental health, and also gets used by mental health bloggers to share their mental health content. Everyone should head over to her Twitter/blog and give it a follow, and also make sure to read her post about CPTSD. In the post, Hannah does a great job at explaining what CPTSD is and how it’s different from PTSD, and talks about the causes, symptoms and treatment of it, as well as her experience with CPTSD.

More posts from Hannah: Managing Mental Illness In The Workplace | Finding The Right Treatment

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  1. It’s so nice to see that people are finding the courage and strength to talk about mental health and the way it effects them. It may not always seem like it but talking about it and sharing your own experience could help someone overcome their pain. Great post, I will be sure to check these bloggers out.

    Pinar | http://www.beautybakingbella.com