Third summer since moving to Norway

Third summer since moving to Norway

This is my third summer here since moving to Norway. During the last semester of university, almost three years ago, I was an intern at a design agency in Oslo. I lived here for three months, from February to June. And I liked it a lot. SoI started searching for a proper job and immediately after graduating I moved back here. Moving to Norway was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I still enjoy living in Oslo. Last month I wrote a blogpost about questions related to my immigration. This time, to celebrate my 2 year anniversary here, I’m writing a post about what my first three summers looked like.

Summer 2014: Everything New

This particular summer I spent a lot of time in the immigration offices. They weren’t very helpful in terms of providing useful information and I was basically left on my own to figure everything out. Luckily, in the end everything worked out fine and I received my residence permit immediately. Now I have a Norwegian identity number and I can live in Norway for as long as I want. This was also the summer that I started my first job, moved into my own apartment and met my current boyfriend. 

My first apartment after moving to Oslo

Summer 2015: Nature

Ever since the first day of my immigration I’ve been becoming a bit more Norwegian every day. That really showed last July, when I spent most of my days in the Norwegian nature. I rented a car together with my boyfriend and explored different areas that were within driving distance of Oslo. Afterwards we also spent a few days at my boyfriends cabin, in the middle of a forest, together with his family. 

Cabin trip

Wild blueberries

Summer 2016: Productivity

Even though I’m traveling this summer, it looks like I’ll spend a lot of my days working. I’m developing two iOS apps, I’m working on my blog every day, and on top of that I still have my full-time job going on as well. But I’m really enjoying every minute of it. Besides, I’m also trying to travel a bit more this summer. I already visited Trondheim in June and I will soon leave on another small trip. 

Moving to Norway has been the best decision I’ve made so far, and I plan to stay here forever. I’ve even taken the first steps towards becoming Norwegian already. 

Asthmatic app

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  1. It looks like that your summers have been good in Norway. I wish you luck this summer on multitasking. It seems like you will be really busy with your projects.

    The cabin in the middle of the Norwegian forest must have been great! I hope I get to explore Norway one day.

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. You should! It’s beautiful here 🙂 During winter I’d recommend traveling up North. Tromsø gets covered in snow and there’s a big chance of seeing the northern lights there. In summer I’d definitely come to Oslo or the coastline below Oslo. It’s so nice and warm here and Oslo’s park are really nice to hang out with a beer and some food 🙂

    2. Wow, that is so great! I would love to move to Europe and get citizenship, though I would probably have to give up one of my nationalities… Hmm. Unless you’re allowed to have 3? Anyways, I would love to become a French citizen. I lived in France for under a year and completely fell in love. I could try Irish citizenship though, since my great x 4 grandfather was Irish and I adore Ireland too! (plus getting French citizenship is hard!)
      You really got me thinking into looking into this more…

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Norway and Sweden! That’s so cool that you’re living there full time 🙂 It sounds like your summers have been amazing!

  3. So glad to hear that you’re enjoying Norway! I actually live here myself and I agree, it’s a lovely country. You mentioned you went to uni here – was it the univeristy of Oslo, because I’m just about to start! How was your experience?

    1. Not sure if I can help you – the internship happened through my uni in Belgium, so it wasn’t related to any Norwegian school 🙁 But good luck with university, I’ve heard that UiO is pretty good!

  4. Norway seems like a really nice country. I live in Belgium right now and I’m not really enjoying myself out here.I want something new and Norway seems to be it, I think I might spent a holiday out there.

  5. Congratulation for getting your Norwegian identity number. Norway is a beautifl country. I hope I visit Norway one day, and experience the great experience you’ve shared here, especially the nature.

  6. I am so pleased to have discovered your blog. Mainly because my grandfather was from Bergen & I have returned twice e to Norway (I am from New Zealand) and basically am obsessed with anything Norwegian! I hope to go back a third time in 2017.

  7. Wow it’s amazing! Sometimes u read these articles about people moving abroad and they are full of stuff saying how hard it is and never talking about the nice part…but it seems that u git throught the hard time and now u r really happy:) Norway is beautiful too!