Cultural differences between Belgium and Norway

I’m originally from a small town in Belgium, but in 2014 I immigrated to Norway. Since then, everyone has been asking me in what the cultural differences between Norway and Belgium are. I see a lot of differences when it comes to politics, public services, and healthcare. For example, I pay fewer taxes now, but my asthma medication is free. But both countries are Western European, so living in Norway is generally pretty similar to living in Belgium.

I don’t want to go into politics with this blog post, so I wrote down the five biggest cultural differences when it comes to how people live and behave in both countries.

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Tea review: Linden-Rose

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose

I’m a big fan of tea, especially herbal tea. A few weeks ago the local Kusmi store was giving discounts, so I decided to head over and buy a new taste. They always have so much choice, but luckily you can try all their different teas before buying something. I decided to go for Linden-Rose from Løv Organic, a caffeine free tea containing Linden, lavender, apple and rose.

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I overcame my arachnophobia!

overcoming arachnophobia

Arachnophobia, fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias. In the United States, more than 30% of the population is afraid of the eight-legged creatures. For the first 19 years of my life, I suffered from this phobia as well, until I unintentionally overcame my fear. 

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Three months in: my favourite blog posts so far

Blog recap: my favourite posts

Three months ago I started this blog, unsure what to expect. Most of the blogs I see around are about beauty or fashion, but personally, I’m not very interested in that. I like seeing other people’s cute looks, but I would never be able to blog about it myself. I don’t even wear make-up! It made me scared that I would stand out too much, or that people wouldn’t be interested in my content.

But somehow I ended up with way more readers than I expected. I’m still trying to find my way in the blogging world, but I’m happy with where I’m heading. And to celebrate this, I decided to make a list of my favourite posts of the past three months.

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Rape and social media

Rape and victim-blaming in social media

This week started with #jegtrordeg (Jeg Tror Deg, Norwegian for ‘I Believe You’) trending pretty much everywhere in Norway. People were holding protests all over the country, including right next to my apartment in Oslo, after a young woman’s three rapists were found not guilty in court. I’m sad that three guys who drugged and raped a young girl are still walking around freely, but I’m also happy that people are using this hashtag to ask for justice and support rape victims. No one should go through this alone.

Unfortunately, when checking social media in the evening, I discovered a different type of narrative as well. The hashtag had started spreading messages of hate, victim-blaming, and slut-shaming as well. “Why does everyone always assume the guys are lying?”, “Girls just don’t want to take responsibility for their actions”, “#notallmen”, “They behave like sluts and then they blame the men”, “If I leave my door unlocked I shouldn’t be surprised to get my stuff stolen”, etc.

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