One year of living caffeine-free: The positive effects quitting coffee has had on me

One year of living caffeine-free: The positive effects quitting coffee has had on me

This week marks the one year anniversary of my caffeine-free life. I used to be a big coffee drinker and usually consumed up to five cups a day. But after I suspected that it was affecting my health in a negative way, I decided to try and live without coffee for a month. Just one month. Just to see if and how it would affect me. We’re one year later now, and I still haven’t had one sip of coffee since then. That must mean quitting coffee has caused some good things to happen, right?

Less anxiety and stress

One of the most noticeable effects after quitting coffee was that I felt overall less stressed. Before, I used to lay awake worrying about insignificant things every single night, which has improved drastically. I also feel more relaxed at work, and when returning home from work.

Less sensitive and whiter teeth

I didn’t about this when decided to cut coffee out of my diet, but I’m happy with this side effect! I got a teeth whitening treatment at the same time as I stopped coffee and keeping them that white has been surprisingly easy. They also feel less sensitive to heat and cold, which is really great as well!

More energy

This is the most unexpected effect quitting coffee has had on me. The first two weeks without coffee I experienced heavy withdrawal symptoms and felt tired all the time. But after that, the opposite happened and I felt more energized than ever. And I still do! I can see now that while coffee used to prevent me from falling asleep, it also made me feel less focused and energized.

Benefits of quitting coffee: better sleep

Improved sleep

Quitting coffee has not only made it easier for me to fall asleep, it has also drastically improved my sleep quality. I can actually fall asleep before midnight and rarely wake up during the night anymore. It’s so nice being able to start the day well-rested and energized! It kind of eliminates the need for coffee.

Less painful breasts

I used to have swollen, painful breasts all the time, similar to what they sometimes feel like while I’m on my period. When I contacted my doctor, worried something was wrong with me, she suggested that high caffeine usage could mess with my hormones, which could cause the hormonal pain in my breasts. This actually motivated me to try the caffeine-free lifestyle for a month, and I’m glad I did. Living without coffee has solved my breast issues, and has had a lot of other positive effects on me as well.

So what do I drink instead?

Basically, a lot of herbal tea and a lot of water. I wrote a post before on how I stay energized without coffee, and the trick for me has been getting enough sleep, exercising, herbal supplements, and energizing tea.

If you’re planning on drinking less coffee or quitting coffee altogether, I definitely recommend replacing it with some herbal tea (I find ginger tea to be a good replacement), because it is kind of a similar ritual.

If you are addicted to coffee, like I used to be, you might experience headaches within the first few days after quitting, so you might want to keep some aspirin (or natural remedies against headaches) nearby. And if you’re looking for something that energizes you and keeps you focused, without the negative side effects, Gotu Kola tea or supplements are the way to go.

Have you ever tried quitting coffee?

Have you tried quitting coffee? Would you be able to live without it?

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  1. I’m not a huge coffee drinker at the best of times (it can make me all jittery!) but have some friends who have tried to come off the caffeine. I’m glad you’re seeing the positive effects of life with out it though 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience and tips 🙂

  2. I haven’t ever drunk coffee but I have had to give up caffeine as I have an intolerance to it and can get quite ill. Despite working in events and having children, I do t miss having caffeine most of the time and agree that health benefits are great!

  3. Wow it really seems to have made a difference cutting out caffeine from your diet. I don’t really have much caffeine in my diet so haven’t had any issues with it. Glad to hear it’s helped so much 😉

  4. Brilliant post. I have never been huge on the coffee bandwagon, and have maybe once a week during the colder months. Oddly enough, a lot of people consume caffeine for energy, but the way you feel once you go long periods without it is so much more energised and just better. Congrats on 1 year coffee free! x

  5. Ah this was so interesting, no coffee for a year is amazing! I rarely drink coffee but I do have a lot of tea, I could probably do to cut back. I love the sound of ginger tea!

  6. This was such a cool post! I could never quit drinking coffee haha! Quitting smoking was definitely easier and now when I’m pregnant I’ve definitely been drinking less coffee than I’m used to, but can’t cope without my morning coffee haha 😀

    ~ Jasmin N

  7. I don’t like coffee anyway so don’t drink it and I don’t drink normal tea either anymore but just drink green teas, fruit and herbal ones. I never knew about caffeine and painful breasts being linked so that’s a surprise but I had heard of the others you have listed being improved when caffeine us cut out of your diet.

  8. I only started with coffee two months ago and I saw some changes – the ones u know have no problems with I now struggle with :/ so I’m gonna stop it before I get addicted 🙂

  9. I have never actually jumped on the coffee train but my partner loves his cup of joe in the morning. I love seeing how your life has changed without coffee, definitely sounds like it was the right move for you.

  10. Oh my I try SO HARD, and then it works for 2 weeks and then I fall into the trap of the *one time now only*…. ughh so hard to quit! But I take it easy in reducing the amount for now!

  11. Wow! I’d never considered the boob thing! I have PCOS and awful PMT. For about 2 weeks out of the month I get painful breasts. It slowly builds until they feel so heavy and swollen. It’s awful! I also drink a lot of strong coffee. I was literally just googling the effects of caffine on PCOS. This is a sign I should give up 😀 It just tastes so good!

  12. I just did one month without coffee for very similar reasons and had the same results. I feel like a new person because I can now fall asleep withing 3-5 minutes of putting my head down. Even when I work late at night I can still fall asleep relatively easily compared to before. I might never go back!