How I stay energized without coffee

how i stay energized without coffee

More than half a year ago I gave up coffee. It was messing with my sleep, my emotions, and the high amounts of caffeine I consumed daily were even making me physically sick. The first two weeks were the hardest, and I was having extreme withdrawal symptoms. But things got better afterward. I’m falling asleep easier than before, and overall I feel happier and more relaxed. I even feel more energized.

I mentioned my caffeine free lifestyle in another blog post before and got a lot of comments from people who said they would never be able to give up coffee. Since I have way more energy now compared to when I still drank coffee, I decided to write down the 7 things that make me feel energized without coffee.

1. Caffeine free teas

Drinking tea doesn’t just replace the ritual of drinking coffee, but it also makes me feel energized. I prefer ginger tea in the morning. It’s pretty simple to make; I just boil several slices of fresh ginger in water and add a bit of lime juice or dried chili for extra strength. Try to avoid chamomile and lavender based teas, because they might make you feel sleepy.

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Herbal teas to stay energized without coffee

2. Cold water

There’s nothing that wakes me up better than a glass of ice-cold water. I always have one immediately after waking up, and try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I often take a big bottle of water with me to work, which I try to finish before returning home. Often I also add mint or lime to my water to give it an extra fresh taste.

3. Gotu Kola

Some people (including me) enjoy using herbs to stay energized. My favorite herbal supplement is Gotu Kola, a plant known to improve brain function and reduce anxiety. You can use it in different ways, some stores sell tea made with it, but I buy it in liquid form from iHerb and add it to my water or tea in the morning. It doesn’t change the taste too much, and just a few drops make feel extremely focused for at least half a day.

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Gotu Kola will help you stay focused and energized without coffee

Gotu Kola will help you stay focused and energized without coffee

4. Fresh air

Fresh air is one of the best energy boosters out there. I like having the windows open while working, or taking a small break outside, even during winter.

5. Morning yoga

Nothing wakes me up better than 15-20 minutes of yoga in the morning. I often use the videos of Yoga By Candace on youtube, but any morning yoga routine will do the trick. Everyone prefers a different style of yoga teacher, so try out a few different channels until you find one that works best.

6. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is probably the most obvious tip. It’s so much easier to stay awake and energized when you’re well rested. I try to aim for 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. Additionally, I use a smart alarm clock to wake me up when I’m in the lightest possible sleep state, making me feel less tired after waking up. Don’t forget to check out my post with tips for better sleep as well.

7. Music

I enjoy listening to music while working, especially when there’s a lot of distracting background noise in the room. At work, I prefer instrumental music or sounds from nature. But when I have to stay awake while driving a car at night, for example, I prefer silly sing-along songs. Say what you want, but singing to Abba or Aqua is an excellent way to stay energized.

Do you have any tips to stay energized without coffee? Or would you never be able to give up caffeine?

If you know someone who can’t go without their five cups of coffee, show them this article. It’s not necessary to drink coffee, or to overdo coffee, to feel energized!

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  1. Hi beautiful lady. For already three months I don’t drink coffee and it feels wonderful. 🙂 I didn’t stop drinking because of some healthy reasons or so, it was because of the taste of the black coffee we had in our office. The alternative I found is a black tea, and it become my morning routine and it really feels good. Sometimes I also start the day with half a lemon with a spoon of honey and hot water. Good booster 🙂 Have a nice day :*

  2. Luckily we don’t drink tea or coffee within our family. We do drink fruit juices, malted drinks and hot chocolate on occasion. When I gave up tea and coffee, I did start drinking herbal tea’s, Like Blackcurrant brace etc.

    Great post.

    John M.

    1. Great to see that there are families going caffeine free! When I was a kid, my parents and grandparents would let me have coffee all through the day, even in the evening. Going to bed was so hard and I got so irritable in the evenings!

    1. Becoming dependant on it sucks, and the withdrawal you go through when quitting is horrible. I never realized how much of a drug caffeine is, cause almost everyone drinks coffee, even the elderly and kids. But then I noticed what it did to me, and I just had to quit.

  3. I could never give up coffee completely I love the taste too much, however I found that over the last year I went from drinking 6-10 cups a day to drinking maybe 4 cups a week instead opting for herbal tea. Weirdly enough I drink coffee now when I want to nap or sleep, it puts me right out afterwards lol

    1. That’s such an interesting effect, never heard of drinking coffee to fall asleep before! Maybe it’s because you’re only drinking it in such small amounts? I came from around 5 times (or more) a day as well, which messed a lot with my sleep.

  4. Gos I love your post – I drink a lot of coffe and tea, but in the morning I always need coffee just to wake my grey cells 🙂 About enough sleep…sorry have to dissapoint you, as I truly don’t sleep enough…but I will work on it to improve myself.

  5. I have been very busy lately so have become dependent on coffee to keep me awake during the days, because of lack of sleep in the night. The miracle of a good nights sleep though! I might have to challenge myself soon to go coffee free, and swap it with lots of water! 🙂

  6. Omg I love this! I had my last regular coffee on the last of March and I haven’t had more energy than I’ve had since I stopped! Once in a while read: once every second week, I might have a coffee and that make me feel all funny and stuff, but I will never make it a regular thing. I’ll definitely try those drops!!!! xxx

    1. Congrats on that! 👏🏻 I think it’s fine to have coffee from time to time, it just gets dangerous when you start doing it on a regular basis. It’s so addicting!

    1. I was so scared to quit; I thought I’d feel tired all the time. But I managed just fine. With my new habits, the energy feels more natural, and I stay energized for a longer period. Coffee made me feel awake for an hour, maximum two, and afterward I’d feel burned out and tired. Glad that’s not the case anymore!

  7. What great tips! I’m currently working my way towards a totally different lifestyle and what you’ve talked about I’ll draw inspiration from and implement. Thanks for posting 😄 Ree Love30

  8. I want to give up coffee. I am on a detox diet which eliminate my daily consumption of coffee. I really consider stop drinking coffee afterwards, but I am not sure I can keep going with my current busy schedule, I need energy! Your post came handy though.

  9. Great list! Definitely more sleep is very helpful for me.I noticed that when I do, I’m in a better mood all day. I want to try yoga but for some reason, I’m nervous about it😄. I drink decaffeinated Chai Tea and it helps me as well. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Awesome post! I don’t drink coffee, the few times I do, it makes me feel jumpy and the taste is terrible. I love tea, especially herbal tea. I will give a try to your ginger+chili recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  11. It is like this post was aimed at me! I know I drink too much coffee and I would like to curb my habit and start replacing some of my caffeine hits with healthier alternatives. Thanks for the ideas.

  12. All of these tips are so great but my favorite is probably the morning yoga and drinking water. 90% of daytime fatigue is caused by dehydration so I always try to drink water and it feels way better than dehydrating myself with coffee. I still drink a cup of half-caffeine coffee every morning but then I switch to water and teas to keep me going. Amazing tips.


  13. I absolutely love coffee. But it’s more for the flavor than the caffeine. I definitely feel more energized from water and fresh air than coffee itself 🙂

  14. I remember a friend quitting caffeine and having such bad withdrawals! She said when she really felt bad, she’d dissolve one square of dark chocolate on her tongue and it helped a lot. Could be a good way to ease in slowly, if you’re having a horrible withdrawal period.

  15. Great read. I’ve actually been drinking decaf since I started drinking coffee years ago because I’m so sensitive to it. It gives me the shakes, keeps me up late at night, and sometimes even makes me feel nauseous. There are much healthier ways to stay energized!

  16. Great advice – I know I should cut down on my caffeine intake so I’ll be trying out some of your suggestions. Decaffeinated coffee seems to becoming more prevalent which is a good way to ease into cutting down too.

  17. Coffee is actually something that I have never loved. I have the occasional cup but I don’t need to have it. I think as long as I eat the right foods and have a good night sleep then I have enough energy (most days anyway haha)