My favorite winter self-care rituals

winter self-care activities

Self-care is something I value a lot in my life, and something I try to practice on a daily basis. On some days my only self-care activities are meditating or filling in a journal, but during winter I always like to take some extra measures. The darkness and cold temperatures outside make self-care only more necessary to stay positive, and thanks to all the holidays, there’s some more time for my favorite self-care activities.

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Why I Like Winter Better Than Autumn

Why I like winter better than autumn

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my first half year of blogging, it’s that autumn is every blogger’s favorite season. I think I’m in the minority when I say it’s one of the worst seasons for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors everything gets and the crunchy leaves, but that’s about it. Instead, I’m extremely excited about winter. Here’s why.

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Autumn Round-up: The Absolute Best And Worst Of This Autumn

Autumn Roundup: The absolute best and worst of this autumn

Autumn has clearly come to an end in Oslo. The temperatures have dropped below zero, and snow has covered the rooftops in the city. In other words, time to reflect on the past few months and write up my favorites, goals, best and worst memories of this autumn. A bit early for an autumn round-up? Maybe. But in my eyes, winter started last week when the first snow came, so waiting any longer would just feel weird.

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How to make the cold and dark days less depressing

Winter Self-Care: how to make dark days less depressing and more enjoyable

Fall and winter can be a dark, cold and depressing period. The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter fast. It may sound extreme, but I actually haven’t seen the sun in a while now, and it won’t get any better until after the new year has started. Moving to Norway has definitely forced me to implement some extra self-care and apartment hacks to make the dark and cold season feel warmer and brighter. I’m sure these tips will make the dark winter days less depressing, and even more enjoyable, for you as well, no matter where you live.

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5 DIY cinnamon essential oil blends to bring fall inside your home

cinnamon fall diy

The leaves are turning red and the days are getting colder and darker. Fall has officially started! What I love the most about fall and winter are the spices. Cinnamon is one of those spices that smells and tastes good all throughout the colder seasons. Every essential oil blend I put in my diffuser has cinnamon in it these days, so I decided to share some of my recipes for homemade essential oil blends based on cinnamon. You can put them in an oil diffuser, make a perfume, or add coconut oil, sugar and baking soda for a homemade scrub. The possibilities are endless!

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