Why I Don’t Spend Christmas With My Family

Why I Don't Spend Christmas With My Family

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m celebrating it in a snow-covered little city in the middle of Norway with my boyfriend, his family, and their dogs. I often get asked why I don’t travel back to Belgium to celebrate Christmas with my own family. I thought today was a perfect time to address these questions and list my reasons for not spending Christmas with my family in Belgium.

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My favorite winter self-care rituals

winter self-care activities

Self-care is something I value a lot in my life, and something I try to practice on a daily basis. On some days my only self-care activities are meditating or filling in a journal, but during winter I always like to take some extra measures. The darkness and cold temperatures outside make self-care only more necessary to stay positive, and thanks to all the holidays, there’s some more time for my favorite self-care activities.

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