6 things that scare me when traveling

Scared when traveling

Going on a vacation should be a relaxing, happy experience. However, for me it often is an extremely stressful time. There is so much that can go wrong and every little inconvenience feels worse when it happens in a country you’re not familiar with. I just got back from a holiday outside of Norway, and created a list of everything that scares me when traveling.

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How I experience anxiety.


Anxiety comes in many different shapes. Some people have social anxiety, they’re scared of social situations. Some have seemingly random panic attacks and others suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Some break out in sweat, some yell and others turn silent.

To me, anxiety means thinking in worst-case scenarios. It means being worried about everything that can go wrong. It means overthinking all the possible outcomes of any situation. It means being scared of not living up to the expectations of others or the expectations myself. Anxiety means becoming tense in my shoulders, tense in my back and tense in my legs. It means becoming less aware of my surroundings and not being able to think straight anymore. It means failing to translate my feelings into words and it means blackouts. It means being afraid of winning and afraid of losing. And most of all, anxiety means total chaos.

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