How to make perfume with essential oils

Perfume with essential oils

My boyfriend and I are both into using essential oils in our everyday life. We have so many of them and love combining them in our oil diffuser to create different scents. I love the way my apartment smells after using them, so when I found out you can make perfume with essential oils, I knew I just had to try it. It’s cheaper than perfume you buy in the stores, it’s fun to make and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

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Tea review: Linden-Rose

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose

I’m a big fan of tea, especially herbal tea. A few weeks ago the local Kusmi store was giving discounts, so I decided to head over and buy a new taste. They always have so much choice, but luckily you can try all their different teas before buying something. I decided to go for Linden-Rose from Løv Organic, a caffeine free tea containing Linden, lavender, apple and rose.

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