The problem with preaching positivity, self-love and happiness

Why I have a problem with people preaching positivity, self-love and happiness

It seems to be everyone’s goal to be achieve a perfectly happy life, one where there’s only room for positivity, rainbows and unicorns. The body positivity movement, one that should be there to empower us, has made me feel ashamed and disgusted by myself for the times I felt insecure about the way I look. And those promoting overall positivity and self-love have left me wondering what the fuck is wrong with me, for letting a bad day at work get to me when someone else has it worse. When has this weird sense of perfection become the norm? When did we become so obsessed with happiness?

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Must-haves for a year full of self-love

self-love printable

With celebrities and role models dying on a way too regular basis, Brexit happening and Trump getting elected, this year has been trying hard to drag us down. Luckily, in a few days from now, we all can get a fresh start and hope for a more positive 2017. I’d like to suggest we all focus on something more important than weight loss or life goals this time around: self-love and positivity. Let’s try to make this the year where we accept and love ourselves for who we are.

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#12HoursOfPositivity: How a Twitter challenge kept me sane when my anxiety tried to take over


Two weeks ago, when going through a difficult couple of days that were filled with anxiety triggers, I decided to try and give myself some positive energy and strength by tweeting something positive each hour of the day. And so I started the hashtag #12HoursOfPositivity. For twelve hours long, I tweeted something positive or happy.

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Mental Health Mondays: Our happiest memories

happiest memories

Around 25% of adults suffer from a mental illness. I want to raise awareness about this issue, and help people understand the different aspects of living with a mental disorder a bit better. That’s why I’m launching a series of guest posts called Mental Health Mondays, where I give other people the opportunity to share their experiences with mental disorders. This week is all about happiness, as several bloggers share their happiest memories.

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