Must-haves for a year full of self-love

self-love printable

With celebrities and role models dying on a way too regular basis, Brexit happening and Trump getting elected, this year has been trying hard to drag us down. Luckily, in a few days from now, we all can get a fresh start and hope for a more positive 2017. I’d like to suggest we all focus on something more important than weight loss or life goals this time around: self-love and positivity. Let’s try to make this the year where we accept and love ourselves for who we are.

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Free Printable To Help With Your Anxiety

Last month I wrote about my experience with mood tracking apps. I noticed that keeping track of my emotions and thoughts did help me manage my anxiety better, but the apps just weren’t the right medium. So after I wrote that post, I decided to make my own mood tracking system. I made a printable to use on a daily basis. It’s very easy and quick to fill in, and it forces you to think about your experiences and also has room to practice gratitude. You can download it for free and start using it as well, by signing up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar.

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