How to keep anxiety from taking over at work

How to prevent getting anxious at work

Even though I’ve experienced quite a bit of anxiety, I’ve generally been pretty good at keeping it out of my work-life or at least preventing it from becoming too prominent at work. And I’ve been working hard to develop methods that help me keep my anxiety under control at work, partly because I’m too concerned about what would happen to my career if I allowed my anxiety to show up at work, partly because I’m really passionate about what I do and don’t want my anxiety ruining the fun, and partly because I’m really motivated to do something great with my career. So here are, at least from my experience, 10 great methods to avoid anxiety from taking over at work.

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How to overcome arachnophobia (or any other irrational fear)

how to get over arachnophobia

A while ago I wrote a post about overcoming my arachnophobia (fear of spiders). I noticed many people commented about being freaked out by spiders, or having another phobia, on the post and on my social media channels. So I decided to share in detail how exactly I got over my arachnophobia. I’m sure most of the tips will work for irrational fears as well. But depending on the severity of your phobia you might want to see a therapist on the side as well.

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