Tea review: Linden-Rose

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose

I’m a big fan of tea, especially herbal tea. A few weeks ago the local Kusmi store was giving discounts, so I decided to head over and buy a new taste. They always have so much choice, but luckily you can try all their different teas before buying something. I decided to go for Linden-Rose from Løv Organic, a caffeine free tea containing Linden, lavender, apple and rose.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the jar was the smell, the lavender and rose were extremely noticeable. It smelled really nice; I wouldn’t mind using a similar essential oil blend in my apartment.

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose ingredients

The taste is very fresh and fruity, and the tea drinks very smoothly. There’s also a strong flowery aftertaste thanks to the lavender and rose. Whenever I drink it, my breath smells like roses for a couple of hours, which is pretty nice. I highly recommend giving this tea a try if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia. The tea has a very calming effect on me, so I drink it when I’m feeling anxious or after a stressful day at work. I’d say Linden-Rose is the perfect bedtime tea, although I enjoy it with breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning as well.

The taste is great, the smell is perfect, and all the ingredients are completely organic. I don’t know what else I need. This is easily one of my favourite teas. If you want to give this Linden-Rose tea a try as well, you can buy it online for $13.

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose


Apple (organic), linden leaves (organic), lavender (organic), natural rose flavour.

Løv Organic Tea: Linden-Rose ingredients

Have you tried Linden-Rose already? Do you like it?

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  1. I just love LOV teas 🙂
    Thank you for raising awareness on this specialty, I have never seen this flavour before.
    I’m curious ( as always 🙂 how I could use this in my soaps 🙂

    1. Tea in soaps? I had never heard of that concept before! But this one would probably be an excellent choice for that. The smell is amazing! 🙂

  2. As someone whose a sucker for packaging I would try these teas in an instant if I saw them in a store, I’m not one for floral teas but might try it in the future since you said it’s good for people with anxiety and insomnia 🙂

  3. I don’t usually like teas that taste like flower, if that makes sense. but the packaging on this is so great, I might actually try it!

    1. This one totally does not taste like soap 🙂 I only have good things to say about Løv Organic and Kusmi tea, they have A LOT of different teas, and they all taste amazing!

  4. I am imagining the beautiful smell this would have. I have never tried a tea with lavender in it and I am really interested to know the flavor! I too love non caffienated herbal teas! The packaging is all that needed to land into my pantry though!

    1. Some brands sell boxes with a wide variety of teas, try finding one of those at your local tea store/supermarket. You get to try a lot of different tastes, and since the package only has one or two bags of each kind you don’t risk spending a lot of money on something you don’t end up liking. If you find a taste you like, you can buy more of it 🙂

      Lots of people seem to like Earl Grey, but I’m not a big fan of that. I prefer herbal teas, they’re caffeine free so I can drink them in the evening. Rooibos is a good starter when it comes to that. Tea that’s mainly made out of cinnamon probably works as well. I love flower based teas, but they had to grow on me, so if you’re not a big tea drinker yet I’d wait with those.

      Here are some links to teas that I recommend:
      The Wellness Blends (different teas from Kusmi for $20)
      Vanilla Rooibos Herbal Tea Bags
      Earl Grey Creme
      BB Detox Tea Bags
      Earl Grey Lavender

      Hope this is helpful 🙂