Why I Like Winter Better Than Autumn

Why I like winter better than autumn

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my first half year of blogging, it’s that autumn is every blogger’s favorite season. I think I’m in the minority when I say it’s one of the worst seasons for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors everything gets and the crunchy leaves, but that’s about it. Instead, I’m extremely excited about winter. Here’s why.

All the lights and decorations

Norway becomes insanely dark during autumn and winter, so I’m always glad when the Christmas lights go up. The entire city turns into this cute Christmas town, and it makes everything feel brighter and warmer. When I used to live at home, I often used to start putting up decorations as early as November, but now that I have my own apartment in the city I stopped doing that. I celebrate the holidays at my boyfriend’s place, which is always heavily decorated, and the city has enough lights and decorations on its own. I do always put up some extra candles during this period, though.

string lightsstring lights

Christmas parties

Winter is the time of Christmas parties! Each year, companies in Norway have something called a Julebord (Christmas table), where everyone from the company goes out eating and drinking. Our office usually has really big parties, and I’m often invited to the parties of our clients as well, so winter is party season at work. And then there are all those Christmas and New Years Eve parties with family and friends as well. It’s just such a fun and busy period!

Cozy winter sweaters

Autumn is the season where it’s too cold to wear summer clothes, but still too warm to wear winter sweaters. And when I keep clothes to keep me warm outside, I’m sweating like crazy on the bus or train to work. Layering is probably the solution, but I generally don’t enjoy wearing many different layers. Winter is way easier. Whatever you wear, it will never be too warm. I love that I can just wear a sweater and a thick winter jacket without thinking. And the sweaters are super cozy as well!

pink sweatergreen sweater

Pink sweater on Etsy // Blue sweater on Etsy

There’s finally snow

The red and brown autumn colors may be beautiful, but they’re also dark. There’s generally very little light, especially during November, and the brown leaves and naked trees only make the darkness worse. It can look so depressing at times, especially during the darker hours of the day! But the snow during the winter makes everything look cozier, and it creates some extra brightness.


Picture of Trondheim winter 2015. I’m selling it on RedBubble.

Longer days

Ever since the end of August, the days are noticeably getting shorter, with November being the worst month. But mid-December on, the days start getting longer again. Even though it’s still dark outside, it’s nice seeing the sun stay up a few minutes longer each day.

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  1. I love fall the best. But I’m one of those that love winter too! It’s a magical time of year and there’s nothing better than curling up and reading your favorite book next to a fire! Thanks for the post and reminding me how many beautiful things there are in winter!

  2. I agree winter does make sceneries look cozier (: I’m not a huge fan of the cold but I do like getting to wear my sweaters and coats during this time. I also love to look at the christmas lights too 🙂

  3. I don’t love Autumn for the typical blogger reasons. I.E Photos! I love it because I like to be able to wrap up in huge layers, go to bed comfy & cosy snuggled right up, with my duvet up to my neck. Winter for the exact same reasons, and I definitely prefer Christmas to Halloween!! 🙂

  4. Same! I kind of love winter more with all the events and parties going on! Cozy Sweaters that I miss a ton – Although in Montreal it’s quite COLD -30 in feb, that’s not what I like of winter haha

  5. I must admit it’s not my favourite. There’s definitely things I love about Autumn but I’m currently facing a school run in the driving rain and 50mph winds – short dark, soggy days are the not the one for me. Roll on Spring.

  6. Ahh, I like winter too! I am hoping it snows this year… as are my children. I love being all cosy inside wrapped up in a knitted sweater with a lovely festive movie and hot choccie drink, hehe. Great post. xx

  7. I am a massive autumn/winter hater:p so don’t really like either but i’ve definitely got to agree with you on the lights everywhere! That last photos is so beautiful x