My favorite winter self-care rituals

winter self-care activities

Self-care is something I value a lot in my life, and something I try to practice on a daily basis. On some days my only self-care activities are meditating or filling in a journal, but during winter I always like to take some extra measures. The darkness and cold temperatures outside make self-care only more necessary to stay positive, and thanks to all the holidays, there’s some more time for my favorite self-care activities.

Hot yoga

Winter is the perfect time to practice my favorite hobby: hot yoga. Cause let’s be real, is there anything better than spending 90 minutes sweating in a hot room while it’s freezing outside? Hot yoga also involves a lot of meditation before, during and after the class, so I always return home feeling completely relaxed.

Lighting candles

I like to compensate for the darkness outside by lighting scented candles in the apartment. It looks so relaxing, warm and shiny that it helps me forget that the sun sets during lunch these days. Etsy has some really nice scented candles for the winter season, like this one with pine scent.

Gratitude journal

I’ve written about this one before, but I absolutely love keeping a gratitude journal. And with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, winter feels like the perfect season to express some more gratitude. It’s as easy as writing down three things you’re grateful for each evening before bedtime. I recommend making your own custom notebook online (which could also make a great Christmas gift!) to add some personality to it.

Winter Self-Care: Gratitude Journal

Wellness visits

There’s nothing more relaxing than going to a spa, spending the afternoon in different saunas, playing around in a hot tub and ending the day with a nice and long massage. And the winter holidays are the perfect time to do so. I also try to bring some wellness into my home, by diffusing essential oils or using massage rollers on my back.

Spending time outside

Even though it’s cold out, I really try to spend enough time outside during winter. This often involves going shopping or going for a walk in a nearby park or forest before the sun sets. During the week this is a lot harder, by the time I leave work, it’s already dark outside. However, I love walking through the Christmas markets on my way home from work.

Winter tea blends

Tea is my favorite way to de-stress, but my hot cup of tea becomes even more valuable to me when it’s cold outside. When wanting to relax, chamomile tea is my favorite. However, I really enjoy seasonal teas as well. Chai tea is one of my favorites during late autumn, but I love me some Christmas tea blends with peppermint and rosemary as well.

Winter self-care: drink chai teaWinter self-care: drink christmas tea


Meditation is always a big part of my self-care routine, winter is no exception. The lack of sunlight can really give me some negative thoughts, so some extra meditation is really needed during winter. I prefer guided meditation, there are some good videos on YouTube ranging from five minutes up to two hours, but apps such as Headspace or Calm are good solutions as well.

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  1. I do like lighting candles in the winter. Especially scented ones. It feels really cozy when you light them and just chill out x

  2. You really know how to take care of yourself – healthy body and healthy mind! For this winter break I plan to travel a little, get a new hair cut or change hair color, to go on acne treatment, maybe for swimming with friends even. Love to drink tea as well, green tea is the most often choice but sometimes I like to change my habit with a raspberry tea.

  3. Loved reading this, we have so much in common! I need to do Yoga more though! I always burn candless and I am actually going to a spa this Friday with my mom 🙂 Have a great week love!

  4. I love candles and I love tea! These are things that don’t have to miss on my table during the winter holiday. 🙂 However, hot yoga sounds quite interesting. Actually, I’ve never heard about it. Guess I should explore it a little bit more. Thank you for sharing.