Incurable diseases, privileged healthy people and painful advice

About incurable diseases, privileged healthy people and painful advice

The past couple of days, weeks even, haven’t been easy on me. My asthma got noticeably worse after an infection, breathing has become hard, I’m constantly coughing and I’m at a point where I’m starting to lose my voice. My doctor has upped my medication, prescribed new medication and done plenty of blood tests to look for other causes, but things aren’t getting better. I know where this is going, as I’ve been here before.

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Lavender Lemonade Recipe

healthy, relaxing and refreshing lavender lemonade recipe

A few weeks ago, while visiting San Francisco, I had the chance to buy some delicious culinary lavender and rose buds from a local tea store. I absolutely love using anything with lavender in it, so I’ve been making tea with it on a daily basis after returning home. The tea is delicious, but so far, one of my favorite usages of the lavender actually is making lavender lemonade. It’s a healthy, refreshing and relaxing alternative to regular lemonade or sodas, and a perfect drink now that spring is coming.

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Why I’m going vegan, and how I’m doing it

Why and how I'm eating vegan

I’ve been vegetarian for a long time now, and even before I ‘officially’ became a vegetarian I rarely ate meat. At this point, I’m actually eating vegan at home and the only place where I still have dairy is at work because they do not offer a vegan lunch (yet). However, one of my goals for 2017 is to become fully vegan and take my own lunch to work so I can avoid animal products there as well. It’s something I’m really passionate about, so after getting into a twitter debate with some pro-meat/anti-vegan people, I decided to write up a post on why I’m vegan, and how to make transitioning to a vegan diet a bit easier.

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Why I Don’t Spend Christmas With My Family

Why I Don't Spend Christmas With My Family

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m celebrating it in a snow-covered little city in the middle of Norway with my boyfriend, his family, and their dogs. I often get asked why I don’t travel back to Belgium to celebrate Christmas with my own family. I thought today was a perfect time to address these questions and list my reasons for not spending Christmas with my family in Belgium.

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