“But you’re an expat, not an immigrant”

"You're not a real immigrant, you're an expat.": About immigration, racism and xenophobia.

“I’m glad you moved to Norway, I’m guessing they treat their immigrants worse than their own people, life must be great there.” While on the phone with my grandparents earlier this week, they jumped on the subject of immigration and refugees, and how, in their opinion, immigrants shouldn’t receive any benefits, forgetting that their own granddaughter is an immigrant somewhere.

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The problem with preaching positivity, self-love and happiness

Why I have a problem with people preaching positivity, self-love and happiness

It seems to be everyone’s goal to be achieve a perfectly happy life, one where there’s only room for positivity, rainbows and unicorns. The body positivity movement, one that should be there to empower us, has made me feel ashamed and disgusted by myself for the times I felt insecure about the way I look. And those promoting overall positivity and self-love have left me wondering what the fuck is wrong with me, for letting a bad day at work get to me when someone else has it worse. When has this weird sense of perfection become the norm? When did we become so obsessed with happiness?

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An essay on my identity: Sexuality

An essay on my identity: Sexuality (Feeling bisexual, lesbian, sexual fluidity)

There have been some issues regarding my sexuality and gender I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while now, but I only just found the courage and words to do so. It’s a hard subject to talk about, because it’s something very personal, and because not everyone will or can understand it, try to understand it or accept it. But my sexuality and gender are part of who I am, and something I cannot change, so it’s important to me to change that piece of me with the rest of the world.

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How David Bowie influenced my life for the better

How David Bowie has influenced my life

Today it’s been one year since David Bowie passed away. Besides being a wonderful artist and blowing me away with his music, he also has influenced my life for the better on many other fronts.I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for David Bowie. And I will always be grateful for the life lessons he and his music have taught me.

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Love trumps hate: my views on Trump, hate and the 2016 elections

My views on trump, hate and the 2016 elections

Today has been a sad, weird and surreal day. Ever since Trump announced he would run for president, everyone has been saying he would never be able to win. Didn’t stand a chance. I was scared, but believed them. Trusted the polls, trusted the American people. Today, they proved me and the rest of the world we overestimated their kindness and compassion. They elected someone who doesn’t believe climate change is real, and who hates women, immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, the muslims and basically every other minority out there.

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