LGBTQ+ rights organizations you should be donating to

LGBTQ+ rights organizations you should be donating to

Whether you only have a couple of dollars to spare, or got a pay raise and don’t know what to do with the extra money, I highly recommend donating to LGBTQ+ rights organizations. Most of them allow small amounts of money and automatic monthly payments, and even a few dollars gets them a long way. So here’s a list of organizations that either take donations or sell merchandise to fund their activities.

  1. Human Rights Campaign
  2. Trans Lifeline
  3. Lambda Legal
  4. Ilga
  5. Ilga Europe
  6. PFLAG
  7. The Trevor Project
  8. National Center For Transgender Equality
  9. National Center For Lesbian Rights
  10. Bisexual Resource Center
  11. Stonewall
  12. LGBT Consortium
  13. LGBT Foundation
  14. Belong To
  15. LGBT Jigsaw
  16. OutRight Action International
  17. Basic Rights Oregon
  18. Rainbow International Fund
  19. SOY
  20. Biphoria
  21. Bay Area Bisexual Network
  22. LGBTQ Student Centers (in different universities)
  23. Amnesty International
  24. Born This Way Foundation

If you know of any other LGBTQ+ rights organizations, let me know in the comments and they will be added to the list.

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